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Let's face it, we are ALL event photographers. Even if you have no desire to shoot professional events for money, if you are the person in your family with a decent camera, then you get called on to shoot the kid's birthday party, your friend's concert, the school play, or the family reunion.

This course teaches you the techniques used by professionals to get great photos—every time—even in the most difficult conditions.

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Do you Have Any of These Event Photography Problems?

Do you feel frustrated that you just can't seem to get the photos that you see other photographers getting?

Are your photos often ruined by motion blur, poor exposure, or amateurish, harsh-looking flash?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at fast-paced events and worried that you'll miss important shots?

Are you nervous at the idea of shooting events professionally, because you're afraid you'll make rookie mistakes that reveal you're not a "real" photographer?

This course will teach you everything your need, so you'll never again feel nervous, embarrassed, or "out of your league" when shooting an event!

Here's what you'll learn:

Want to earn money with your camera? Avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes by learning from our decades of professional event photography experience (we made the mistakes so you don't have to!)

About Your Teachers

Phil Steele began his event photography career more than a decade ago at the world famous Burning Man festival and has subsequently shot hundreds of events, with special emphasis on nightlife, parties,festivals, concerts, and fashion shows. His event photos have been published in books and magazines around the world, and his photography training videos have been watched by millions. Phil is the founder of

Julie Kremen has been a professional event photographer for more than 15 years, specializing in weddings, private parties, corporate events, and music. Hundreds of Julie's concert photos have been published on and in Downbeat magazine, including five magazine covers. Julie has traveled to more than 50 countries as a photographer, and she is the founder and president of San Diego Photography Tours.

Geraldine Watson—Membership Chair, Toronto Camera Club

"I'm in love with this course!"

At first, when I saw it was 25 videos, I was a little daunted. But as I started to watch the actual chapters, the information was so good that I was totally absorbed. It's like reading a book that's so good that you forget you're reading. You teach me in minutes things I've been struggling to get out of other people, books, and tutorials for years. I'm in love with this course! A really fine piece of work!

Mike Newton, Professional Commercial Photographer, San Diego, CA

"I realized a big amatuer mistake I have been making for 7 years!"

I've shot a bunch of events but thought it couldn't hurt to brush up on my education. I picked up a ton of new tips I didn't even know about from Phil's course and realized a big amatuer mistake I have been making for 7 years! I wish this course was available back when I started!

Bob Weidner, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

"These videos are invaluable!... There is no finer teacher."

With my work as an event photographer at a major University these videos are invaluable. They are exactly what I've been waiting for. I've watched hundreds of YouTube videos, and other courses that I have purchased, and there is no finer teacher or better training videos than yours.

Heidi Goertzen - Portland, Oregon

"I was concerned that as an amateur a lot of this would be over my head...but I love it!"

I was concerned that as an amateur a lot of this would be over my head, or that I'd have to invest a lot in additional equipment. Luckily my concerns were for naught. I love your training videos! They're inexpensive, you break down information into easy to understand steps, I can learn at my own pace and always go back to them for reference.

Paul Mansell — Queensland, Australia

"As a part-time professional...I can dive directly into the parts I need..."

I was afraid that the scope of the course was not broad enough to cater for my needs as a part time professional photographer. But it is chunked and sequenced so that I can dive deep directly into the parts I need. While the prime audience may be less experienced photographers, you have catered to a broad range of experiences and learning styles. Great work!

Leo Baumgardt - Munich, Germany

"You struck the perfect balance between helping 'professionals' and 'regular people.'"

You struck the perfect balance between helping people who want to become "professionals" and helping regular people like me just take better photos. It's all really practical and to the point. Two times, while you spoke, a question popped into my head (like "why not use second curtain all the time, then?") - and you immediately answered it as if you had read my mind! This is a top-notch production.

Paul Wilson — Garner, North Carolina

"Worth every bit of the price . . . Phil, you are a great teacher."

I was concerned about the price being higher that your other courses, and the fact that Julie was an unknown quantity. But after buying, I found the course was worth every bit of the price and Julie was a great addition! I LOVED the critique of the final shots at the end of the fashion shoot. Phil, you are a great teacher, and having Julie take a totally different track on almost everything got me considering different ways to shoot, light, and think about events.

Rick Caniglia — Hartselle, Alabama

"Packed with useful information I can immediately apply!"

Excellent! You do not disappoint. Your voice, enunciation, and style are top notch. You are able to simplify things and make them immediately comprehensible—a true sign of mastery. More, it is a sign that you have spent a great deal of time and effort on course design. I would highly recommend this because it’s easy to view and packed with useful information I can immediately apply. Keep it up.

Tom Buchanan, Alberta, Canada — Professional Event Photographer and Instructor

"Covers just about everything in event photography very well."

The videos cover just about everything you can imagine in terms of event photography very well. I loved your fashion show shoot, and you both complement each other beautifully with your very different shootings style. I really enjoy your teaching style and laid back manner. You make it easy to learn even for someone as archaic as I am. Amazing job!

Annette Kempers

"I was afraid I might already know most of it…but I found a lot of new ideas and tips"

I was afraid I might already know most of this material, but I found a lot of new ideas and tips. And the parts that I did know are now more coherent knowledge. The two of you showed exactly what one has to deal with. That helps me to take my own events more seriously and to prepare for them more thoroughly. I would certainly recommend this course to the advanced beginner.

Vic Lewchenko, Webster Groves, Missouri

"This course has answered all my questions and more!"

Thank you for this course! I have shot a number of events and had many questions about gear, technique and lighting. Some I was able to figure out, but others I've always wondered if there wasn't a better way. This course has answered all my questions and more. I love your teaching style and it was brilliant to enlist the help of the other photographers, providing a different point of view. Keep up the great work!

Fr. John Quinn, S.J. - Photography Instructor, Loyola High School, Los Angeles

"WOW! This is a GREAT course...fantastic example footage...well done!"

WOW! This is a GREAT course! The content and video production value were first rate. You covered a LOT of ground in as concise a time-frame as possible. You had fantastic example footage, which really drove home the point. I wish I had had this info when I first started shooting receptions, fundraisers, and school gatherings. KUDOS on a job well done!

Your courses are mandatory for all of my students!

Even more things you'll learn in this course:

Have Other Photography Courses Wasted Your Time?

If you've watched any of my videos you know that unlike some other “photography teachers,” I won't waste your time. All my courses
are packed with information and delivered in a friendly way that's easy to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course only for people who want to become professionals?

It's for anyone with a camera. All of us take event photos in our daily lives, and this course will help you take great photos that look professional, even if you never intend to shoot for money. But if you do want to be a pro, or just make some money on the side, we'll teach you that, too.

Is this all new? Is any of it recycled content from your other tutorials?

It's all new! Every minute of these five hours was created just for this course. And not only is this content unique among my offerings, I've never seen any other training on this subject anywhere.

Do I have a limited time to watch this?

You get lifetime access. You can watch the course now or later, as often as you like. Forever.

How do I watch the videos?

You get instant access to the secure customer area on my website. Just login with your username and password and start watching the streaming videos immediately in full-screen HD quality.

Can I watch on my iPad or other Device?

Yes! You can watch on any device, tablet or phone that can access the web.

Will you tell me I need to buy lots of expensive gear?

No. You can start with just the camera and flash you already own. (If you don't have a flash, I'll tell you which kind to buy). Of course, we will also show you plenty of additional gear (most of it inexpensive) that can improve your photos, but that's optional.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course! You have a 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not thrilled with what you learn, just email me and say, “Thanks, but this was not quite right for me.” I'll refund your purchase promptly, and we'll still be friends. It's that simple. You have no risk and nothing to lose.

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