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Advanced Off-Camera
Flash Photography

You get lifetime access.
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Pro Photography just LOOKS like
Pro Photography. Ever wonder WHY?

Pro Photography just LOOKS like Pro Photography
Ever wonder WHY?

ANNOUNCING: The NEW Advanced Off-Camera-Flash Course—that Will Forever Change How You Shoot

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Sebastian Michaels—World-Renowned Photoshop Instructor

"An entirely new realm of photographic possibilities!"

Finally a photography course to get EXCITED about. The techniques laid out in this course not only deliver immediate (and truly dramatic) results, but also will change how I’ll be shooting serious photos the rest of my life. Phil Steele can teach like few others. Whatever your experience, the material here will open up to you an entirely new realm of photographic possibilities.

Steve Burn, Toronto Canada

"Fanstasic! I learned something from every video...and feel renewed confidence."

Hi Phil—another fantastic course—well worth the wait !!! I learned something from every video, and feel (once again) a renewed sense of confidence to raise my own photography game! Particular favorite videos were #15 (Colored Gels) and #21 (Overpowering The Sun).

Your teaching style is terrific as always, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course. I can’t wait for the next one!

Nancy W.

"Just what I needed...simple and to the point...well worth the money!"

I just want to say how happy I am with your “Advanced Off-Camera Flash” course. It is just what I needed. You are one of the best photography teachers out there. I have purchased some of your other courses in the past and they have been great, but you really hit the ball out the park with this one. What I like about your training is you keep it simple and to the point. Your illustrations are wonderful and really make the topic very clear. Thank you for taking the time to put together this fantastic course. It is well worth the money.

John Quinn, S.J.—Photography Instructor, Loyola High School, Los Angeles

"A wealth of technical expertise...explained in a very easy-to-understand way."

GREAT JOB! Kudos on making this course "up close and personal." It has a wealth of technical expertise...explained, illustrated, and demonstrated in a very easy to understand way. I loved the removing-the-lights trick. Including some of your "mistakes" makes this much more helpful for the real-world photographers who are going to implement this vast amount of knowledge. Thank you so much!

Denise Balog, Oklahoma, USA

"I recommend it 120%...One of the best decisions I have made."

This course is awesome! Your willingness to share your MISTAKES while photographing is why I would recommend your courses 120%!! THANK YOU!! As a growing novice, I have made these mistakes and have beat myself to pulp! Halfway through this course I was so impressed that I stopped and purchased your “Event Photography” course right there and then! Learning from you is one of the best decisions I have made.

Sue Masterson—Ballarat, Australia

"I just needed someone to explain in my terms how to use these flashes!"

Phil, I have had three flashes couple of years, and they have just sat there doing nothing. I just needed someone to explain in my terms how to use these flashes, and your course certainly is doing that. I love that you show us that everyone makes mistakes. I never know if what I am doing is right, and this course is pointing me in the right direction. I also love the in-depth retouching explained so well. Thank you!

John Steel, Rochdale, UK

"Another informative, clear, and easy-to-understand course."

Another informative, clear, and easy-to-understand course. I like the manageable “chunks”, which allow you to digest and understand each section, before moving onto the next. The easy, relaxed teaching style aids concentration, and you avoid getting bogged down in jargon. Showing your mistakes was a great idea, not only showing you as “human” but also a great learning tool. This course is up to, if not exceeding, the high standards of your previous courses.

Duane T. Bruning

"I learned so much more than I could from books or seminars!"

Your courses are well organized and deliver the proper content in the right amount of time. I love the fact that you teach it from the beginning of the shoot (planning and gear explanation) to the end product ready for the client. I find it helpful to know that even as a professional that you can make mistakes as well! I have learned so much from your training courses that could never be accomplished by reading books or attending seminars!

Bob Weidner, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

"This is THE course I have been waiting for for soooooo long. It was worth the wait."

This is THE course I have been waiting for for soooooo long. Perfect! I watch videos from everyone out there, both on YouTube and some that I've paid for. You are the best by far hands down. You speak clearly. I am the lead photographer at my university (I loved your Event Photography course, too.) I will be recommending your course to the other photographers on my team. It was worth the wait.

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Advanced Off-Camera Flash Photography

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