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How to Shoot Professional-Looking Headshots and Portraits on a Budget with Small Flashes!

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Professional Portraits
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Here are some screenshots of what you will learn!

It's not a fancy production (I'm no Hollywood type), it's just a personal conversation between me and you—with plenty of fun toys and some great models.

More things you'll learn in this course!

The crucial piece of gear that you can spend either $40 or $400 on (I'll tell you the exact website where you can buy the $40 version)

A tip for posing your subject that I learned by watching a master LA headshot photographer shoot my girlfriend (yep, that's right — I stole it).

The "secret setting" on your Speedlite flash that you must know about or risk insanity! (Though some would say I discovered it too late.)

How to always have a willing model at hand to test lighting setups, any time of the day or night!

Where to focus your camera when your subject makes this common move—to avoid having your shots turn out useless.

Three ways a window can ruin your shot—and how to prevent them.

The secret lighting combination that gives you the profitable "LA Headshot" look.

How to use camera settings to control the brightness of your background and your subject separately, to achieve exactly the lighting effect you want.

The no-budget way to get a variety of different backgrounds in a single lighting setup.

The clear explanation—finally!—of the different ways you can trigger your off-camera flash.

How to light your backgrounds to make them look super-cool and stylish.

How to use the free, wireless remote flash system—that's already built into your Canon or Nikon speedlight flashes.

How to save hundreds of dollars on one piece of equipment—by buying it at Home Depot instead of your camera store!

The easy, idiot-proof Four-Step Formula for choosing your manual camera and flash settings (no more worrying about what to do in "M" mode).

Martin Sanderson, Carlisle, England

"I learned more in 4 or 5 videos than in all the photography books I've read!"

I've been a pro landscape photographer for around 5 years now and am moving into the portrait and wedding market. I soon realized that my knowledge of flash and how to best utilise it was pretty none existant. Until i came accross your videos! I've learned more in 4 or 5 videos than all the photography books i've read. Thanks, Phil, for advancing my photography in a matter of minutes which would normally have taken weeks!

Bob Weidner, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

"The 'Four-Step Formula' was worth the price of the entire series!"

That little segment has just turned on the light bulb for me!!! It's almost like it should be the very first flash tutorial anyone should ever watch.

For me, those 4 steps are worth the price of the entire series. You are a natural teacher with a very easy to listen to style. Thank you!

Beth M., Olympia, Washington

"The perfect balance between technical detail and simple explanation!"

Your videos are fantastic—the perfect balance between technical detail and simple explanation. I especially appreciate your shopping tips and reviews of the various products that are available, as that can be pretty overwhelming. Thanks so much!

Michael Corsentino—Award Winning Photographer, Workshop Leader, and Author of the "Canon Speedlite Digital Field Guide"

"Useful, real-world information without the usual fuff…Home run, Phil!"

I just finished watching your speedlight class and I had to tell you how much I enjoyed it! As an instructor, I see a lot of this sort of material, and so much of it misses the mark. But yours offers useful, real-world information without the usual fluff. It's great to see such a clear and concise discussion. Home run Phil!

Susan Martin, Ottawa Canada

"You have saved me hundreds of dollars on books and classes!"

Thank you! I have taken a few camera classes and came out as dumb and confused as ever. I am a visual person. Show me, and I get it. And you have done just that. You are easy to listen to, and right to the point. You have saved me hundreds of dollars on books and classes. I love the little tricks and tips on gadgets. I went out yesterday and shopped with confidence. Show me more, I can't wait.

Peter Collins, London, England

"Amazing value for the money! . . . A fast track to great portraits."

Phil, I really enjoyed the videos...amazing value for money and definitely a fast track route to taking great portraits!

Thanks again, and best regards from London.

Joel Cruzada, Beaumont, California

"Amazing! Your videos saved me a lot of time and money on equipment!"

Your tutorials are amazing! Your first three videos alone have already saved me a lot of time and money on equipment, and I know I would have saved even more had I started your video course earlier! I like the way you break everything down to bare essentials so anyone can just start shooting right away. And I mean the RIGHT WAY right away! I'll definitely be looking forward to more of your videos in the future. Keep up the fine work!

Robert B., Napa, California

"I got a TON more out of these videos than I thought i would!"

I got a TON more out of these videos than I thought I would! I was really happy to see that your video had a lot of great photography tips in addition to the flash topics. And you did a great job of explaining why the shutter controls the ambient and the aperture controls the subject. That was worth it to me right there. Thank you!

Alain Thimmesh, Bristol, England

"Great...easy to understand...straight to point."

You provided a great learning tool. Easy to understand, straight to the point—and best of all you "show" exactly how to proceed. In less than one hour I got a complete overview of the benefits of this kind of shooting.

Gina Johnson, Dubai, UAE

"Tips and techniques I could use immediately…Money well spent!"

These videos were outstanding! I learned so many tips and techniques that I can use immediately. Your teaching style and humor is greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed your behind the scenes camera shoot. I see the spaces in/outside my home in a new light. Now I have the confidence and know-how to actually shoot more head shots and portraits. Money well spent!

Gary Bonard, Chula Vista, CA

"I learn more from your courses than from any other instructors!"

Phil, I must say that your training has been the best! I have learned more from your courses than from any other instructors out there. Thanks and keep up the great training!

Samit Desai, Auckland, New Zealand

"You are a credit to the photography industry."

It was a pleasure to have purchased this course! I can confidently say that it was my money well spent. I am a newbie and have learnt quite a lot from your videos. They are quite practical and informative. I wish you would do more of these. You are a credit to the photography industry.

Don't waste money like I did!

I spent a lot of years and a boatload of money learning exactly which equipment was required for off-camera flash—and what wasn't.

Now, I'm going to help you skip the expensive learning curve by showing you exactly what I learned by purchasing and using nearly all of the available options for small-flash photography.

By the time I was finished, I was shooting headshots for actors and making good money shooting portraits—all with equipment you can buy very inexpensively, if you know exactly what to buy, and exactly how to use it.

But watch out, because if you follow the advice of many "experts" out there, you can waste tons of money and get results no better than what you can get on a shoestring budget. Believe me, I did that myself before figuring out what was essential and what wasn't.


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How to Shoot Professional Looking Headshots & Portraits on a Budget with Small Flashes!
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